battle_we_lose_large_censored_press;Reports from the field tell us that on "DATE_LONG_0", our courageous troops have made a tactical retreat from the battle against $TAG_0_3$ in "STRING_0_3". This has been proven necessary to maximise our element of unpredictability and surprise. "VALUE_INT_0_4" enemy soldiers have been killed by our valiant boys. Although "VALUE_INT_0_2" of our soldiers are yet to report back for duty, it's worth noting that many of our troops remain hidden to surprise the enemy in an ambush, showing true courage and resilience!;;;;;;;;;;;;;x

battle_we_lose_censored_large;They were outnumbered forty to one in some sections of the front, and still held the line' a high military commander praised the bravery of our soldiers, who managed to delay enemy advance in "STRING_0_3" for as long as it was strategically feasible, and inflicted "VALUE_INT_0_2" of casualties against our foes. 'We are not ready to publish the number of casualties on our side' a government official replied, when asked about our own losses. 'Our people must rally behind the government when it comes to national defence' he challenged the sceptics.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x

war_we_lose_censored_large_desc;On DATE_LONG_1 our government decided to yield in the war against TAG_2_0. The war, known as STRING_0_0, raged from DATE_SHORT_0 over STRING_9_0, and the result was STRINGS_LIST_4. 'We gave no quarter, and we can be proud of our boys, we showed we are not a pushover' government officials commented, 'But in the end, it wasn't worth spilling more of our youth's blood'. All citizens are to rejoice that our brave sons are returning home, although no official celebrations are scheduled at this time.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x


EVTDESC36901_NEWS_LONG;In 1838, Charles Dickens' novel 'Oliver Twist' was published in London. In it, he drew readers' attention to the poverty and lack of workers' rights in his time. Following the story of an orphaned boy through a baby farm and a workhouse until he finally joins a gang of street pickpockets in London, the novel shed light on what is called the great London waif crisis, drawing attention to the large number of orphans in the streets of London at that time. Possibly the greatest novelist of the Victoria era, Dickens himself suffered impoverishment early in his life.;;;;;;;;;;;;x;

1838年、チャールズディケンズの小説「オリバーツイスト」がロンドンで出版されました。 その中で、彼は当時の貧困と労働者の権利の欠如に読者の注意を引くことになります。物語の中では、ロンドンのストリートスリのギャングに最終的に参加するまで、赤ちゃん農場と作業所を通る孤児の少年の物語をたどります。小説はロンドンの大規模な放棄危機と呼ばれるものに光を当て、当時のロンドンの通りにいた多くの孤児にも注目を集めました。 おそらく、ビクトリア時代の最も偉大な小説家であったディケンズ自身も、人生の早い段階では貧困に苦しんでいたとされています。

EVTDESC36922_NEWS_LONG;At the Oval in London, England and Australia have played the most memorable international match in history. In a three-day long match that seesawed back and forth, the english side fell a mere seven runs short of defeating australia in their last innings. It was a match so thrilling that one spectator died of a heart attack. The Sporting Times published this obituary: 'in remembrance of English cricket which died at the oval yesterday, lamented by a large circle of sorrowing fans and acquaintances. R.I.P. The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia'.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x;

ロンドンでは、イングランドとオーストラリアが歴史上最も記憶に残るクリケットの国際試合を行いました。手に汗握る展開の続いた3日間の長い試合で、イギリス側は最後のイニングでオーストラリアを破るのにわずか7ラン足りず、敗北を喫しています。この歴史的な敗北に対し、「Sporting Times」と言う新聞は死亡記事を発表しました。「この程イングランド・クリケットが亡くなりました。ご冥福をお祈りいたします。亡き骸は荼毘に付され、その灰はオーストラリアに持ち帰られました。」

追記1、R.I.P.はスラングで、元はラテン語のrequiescat in pace。日本語では「ご冥福をお祈りします」という言葉に近い。「安らかに眠れ」あたりでもOK。

EVTDESC36925_NEWS_LONG;The murder of at least six prostitutes by Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer, has horrified and shocked the Victorian establishment. The dismay evoked by these murders, has, however, indirectly awoken the British public to the extreme poverty and depravity reigning in the streets of the east end of London, especially in Whitechapel, where the murders were committed. Rumour mongers attribute the killer's continuing ability to evade capture to connections with people of high standing. The details of the outrages are too grizzly to publish in this newspaper.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x;

悪名高い連続殺人犯であるジャック・ザ・リッパーによる少なくとも6人の売春婦の殺人は、ビクトリア朝の権力者たちを恐怖に陥れ、衝撃を与えました。 しかし、これらの殺人によって引き起こされた落胆は、ロンドンの東端の街、特に殺人が行われたホワイトチャペルを支配している堕落と貧困をイギリス国民に気づかせました。噂では、犯人が逮捕を逃れ続けているのは、地位の高い人々とのつながりがあったからだとされていますが、事件の詳細は本紙には掲載できません。


EVTDESC19501_NEWS_LONG;Migrants have been moving in large numbers through the colony on the Cape, on their way to the newly incorporated town of 'Johannesburg', on the edge of the Witwatersrand mountains, where a major gold rush is taking place. Local ancient river deltas hold unimaginable amounts of gold deposits, washed down from surrounding gold-rich greenstone belts to the north and west. The massive influx of foreign residents to the area is causing trouble along the borders, and this might become a threat to the independence of these fringe states.;;;;;;;;;;;;x;


EVTDESC44109_NEWS_LONG;Alfred Thayer Mahan published 'The Influence of Sea Power upon History', in which he analyzed the role of sea power in history, as well as discussed various strategic aspects and benefits of organizing and maintaining of a sizeable naval force. It was embraced by those interested in expanding both the US Navy, and the United States' world-wide interests. The book is lauded as the most influential piece of work regarding naval strategy. The adoption of Mahan's principles is claimed to be the direct cause of the naval arms race.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x;

アルフレッド・セイヤー・マハン は、歴史におけるシーパワーの役割を分析し、様々な戦略的見地と大海軍力を組織し、維持することの利益を検討した「海上権力史論」を出版しました。 

EVTDESC44104_NEWS_LONG;Politician and lawyer Horace Mann began his reforms of the educational system of Massachussetts. His system of schools became a model for the entire United States. Mann was known for visiting each school in the state to learn about its situation, he's also renowned for travelling at his own expense to Europe to learn of the details of the Prussian school system. He's famed as one of the first advocates of abandoning of the corporal punishment, which sparked conflicts with many traditionally inclined teachers, the issue which in the end was resolved in his favor.;;;;;;;;;;;;x;

彼の学校制度は アメリカ全体の模範になりました。

EVTDESC33000_NEWS_LONG;The theatrical troupe of the Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen has performed their repertory in Berlin to great acclaim. The troupe has seen its popularity increase steadily in the last years. It concentrates on having a style that seeks to unify design, conceptualisation, interpretation and execution of theatrical works through the use of authentic costumes and sets, as well as fluidity of action and a natural integration of actors and environment. They will soon begin a series of tours to nations throughout Europe.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x;


EVTDESC36701_NEWS_LONG;The past year saw the forming of the Flemish Movement. Formed by manifesto, it was to be the voice of the Flemish inhabitants of Belgium. It evolved to be a broad gathering of different Flemish organisations: sport clubs, music groups, theaters, intellectual organisations and so on. At first, the Movement was apolitical, but over the years, its followers became more and more militant in their beliefs and convictions. Reports are that the Flemish Movement is planning to contribute to the formation of parties that will lobby for more Flemish rights in political life.;;;;;;;;;;;;;x;


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