Age of Colonialism


Age of Colonialism for Victoria 1.4

New version 3.2 released 6/30/11!

Sick of overpowered colonies outproducing their metropole? Tired of super-speed assimilation? Indignant about France on steroids outproducing the rest of the world combined and fielding multi-million man armies? Infuriated with an economy that doesn't make sense? Bored with dull and repetitive election events you don't even bother to read? Seeking more historical flavor and interesting events? Then this is the mod for you.

Age of Colonialism is not a massive overhaul of the base game. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel and bring you a whole new game. This mod is about giving you more a more interesting experience on top of the vanilla experience that you always wanted. It does not add new RGO goods, add new factories, add new pop types, or change the battle mechanics. Age of colonialism is focused on balancing the game, fixing bugs, and improving the base experience. This is accomplished through many changes which are described below.

Technology Spread

Are you finding it bizarre that when you research steam turbines it immediately applies to all your provinces? Should Bombay really be getting the same tech as London?

The various techs and inventions that were linked to farming output increases (the six levels of power generation techs, the inventions under the mechanical production etc) no longer give instantaneous bonuses to all provinces under your control. Farming technology spreads gradually, state by state, based on a number of factors:

Factors that increase chance for farming advancement:

  1. high literacy
  2. high plurality
  3. high consciousness
  4. having a province nearby that already has the advancement

Factors that decrease chance for farming advancement:

  • colonial state (very significant)
  • high militancy
  • low literacy

For example, once water-wheel power generation is researched all of your provinces have a chance to advance their farming technology to water-wheel power generation based on those factors.

With these changes you will see a much more realistic spread of technologies. Distant colonial farmers now produce less goods, make less income, and provide less taxes. The starving masses of Bombay will no longer live in luxury equaling or surpassing that of Oxford.

Realistic Industrialization

Now you can see industrialization be driven by by the agricultural revolution of the 19th century! With improved farming technology you will realistically need fewer and fewer farmers per acre. See your farming land run out as your technology improves and the unemployed farmers flood into your cities eager to work in your factories!

Those countries that can improve and spread their agricultural technology will be the best suited to industrialize, just as in reality!

Assimilation and Racial Prejudice

Tired of seeing absurd amounts of assimilation from cultures who would never be accepted by your country in reality? How could millions of Indians magically become British by 1880?

The assimilation mechanic is massively improved and now based on the prevailing racial prejudice of the game's time period.

Only Europeans (this includes Latin Americans & Yankee/Dixie/Texan) can assimilate to other European cultures. Members of the Turko-Semitic and Persian-Turanian culture groups can assimilate to each other (Persians, Misri, Berbers, and Turks for example). Members of the south east Asian and east Asian culture groups can assimilate to each other. Members of African culture groups may assimilate to each other (this includes African diaspora). All other culture groups, native Americans (Zapotec etc), central Asians (Mongol, Tibetan etc), south Asians (Indians), may only assimilate within their own culture group.

Now you can watch as racial prejudice is accurately modeled in your game! 19th century earth was not a hyper-globalized egalitarian planet! Check out the screens below of Africa and India in 1903:

Are you also distraught by hordes of unaccepted pops swelling your soldiers ranks despite having a moralistic anti-foreigner society?

Now pops will consider their position in your society before wanting to fight for you. That Native-American won't want to fight for your bigoted moralism/residency USA!

Balanced Colonization and Emigration

Finding it absurd that France can easily turn African colonies into states? Hitting your head against the wall at the unstoppable French behemoth super-charged with an African utopia?

Now colonization makes sense! Pops will only seriously consider migrating to the colonies when they are hungry and unemployed. Pops now only migrate to their country's colonies when they are desperate!

On the other hand, pops that feel persecuted in your society, the Irish in the UK for example, will be inclined to pack up and move to a country where they can be more free (off to the land of liberty!).

Bureaucratic Bloat That Makes Sense

Finding it ridiculous that putting your administration slider to minimal levels does nothing to stop your ever expanding bureaucrat population? Now bureaucrats will realistically leave their jobs when you don't pay them enough.

Be prepared for HARD decisions regarding your bureaucratic salaries. You want to turn that African colony into a state? Then you will have to raise your bureaucratic spending to entice pops in the colonies to become bureaucrats, but by doing so you risk bloating your bureaucracy back at home!

Will you leave your colonies backwards and inefficiently administered in order to maintain a balanced administration at home or will you bloat your bureaucracy at home to turn those colonies into efficient states!

More Interesting Historical Flavor and Critical World Events

AoC adds many new events, decisions and even some countries. See world shaking events like the Taiping Rebellion take place, watch Britain consider the costs of holding onto restive colonies like Canada versus letting them go free. Get involved with important events like the Berlin Congress and Opium Wars.

Realistic Standing Armies and Mobilisation

Standing army sizes and mobilization pools will now be much more realistic. Expect to see mobilization pools exceed the standing army sizes by quite a bit.

Improved AI

Great pains have been taken to direct the AI along the best routes of tech progress. Expect the AI to be deviously good at picking the right technologies for its situation!

Watch as the AI properly maintains its army only recruiting new soldiers when it can support more brigades!

Election Events Overhaul

Growing tired of the same boring election events spammed every four years? One doesn't even need to read the text as they are almost all 5%-30%, just select 5% for every issue you don't want and 30% for every issue you do want. Dreadful and dull.

Now election events have flavor, character, and real consequences! Political assassinations, pedophile priests, minority violence, and much much more! Watch as the different parts of your society clash over the issues that mean so much to them.


Installation is simple. Just extract the folder then copy the entirety of the contents into your main Victoria 2 directory. It should ask you to replace a bunch of files, say yes to all.


WARNING: There is a bug in vanilla 1.3 and AoC where provinces RGO sizes massively increase if you resign and load/start a game! You must restart the game completely before starting a new game or loading! This will break the economy if ignored! This can be ignored if you are using the latest 1.4 patch.


  • プレイ経験のある方、箇条書きで書いてもらえると助かります。
  • 新規国家の追加(主に東南アジア)、既存国家の関係変更(チュニジアがオスマンの衛星国化)など世界設計の変更あり
  • 戦争による領土獲得時の汚名が増加。非文明国からの1ステート獲得が6、征服が10など。
  • 歴史イベントによるものか、列強の領土獲得に史実との関連性が。フランスがインドシナと汚名なしで開戦し、植民地化していた。
  • 工業技術左端の発明は、全土一律に適用されるのではなく、徐々にイベントで国内へ拡大してゆく。
  • 非文明国でも動員が行われるようになり、ソコトなど下手に手を出すと大変なことに。
  • NFは本国文化人口×2と、バニラの2倍値で算出されるようになった。
  • しかし何よりの特徴は、「金欠」である。国家備蓄、行政、教育、軍備全て最大などに設定したら、財政破綻間違いなし。加えてPOPは頻繁に無職となり、更に国外へと逃亡する。プレイに慣れていないのもあったのだが、1840年に9.20Mいた我がオーストリアの人口は、1842年に8.60M、1852年に7.80Mと減少していった。労働人口の不足は税収不足につながり、深刻な財政難を招く。他国も状況は同じであり、列強でも借金がないのは英仏くらいであった。技術開発と官僚制の拡充により何とか状況は改善されたが、算出値の増加したNFを上手く利用しろというのが開発者の意図だろうか。普通は嬉しいRGOの生産力向上も、サイズ減少により失業するPOPのことを考えると、単純に喜べない。
  • 植民地にも重要な変更が加えられている。アジア・アフリカの本国化されていないステートでは収入に強力なマイナス補正があり、殆ど富を生み出さない。利益の出ないRGOから労働者は逃亡し、またVIC1.4bの特性から現地兵を期待することも出来ない。また本国化しても、ヨーロッパ人に同化するのはヨーロッパ人のみである。行政費を拡大してまで植民地を開発する価値はあるのか、貴重なNFを投じてまで植民地を獲得する必要はあるのか、プレイヤーの判断が問われることになる。
  • 工場に関しては、全般的に建設費が増大している。また工業製品の価格も抑えられ、高級衣服や高級家具は以前のような利益を生まなくなった。また鉄道建設費も増大しており、財政難も相俟って資本家様のお世話になることも多いだろう。軍隊はAIが軍事費を抑制することが多いからか、常備旅団の数はさほど増えない。尤も総動員しての長期戦ともなれば、軍隊より先に政府が財政破綻してしまうだろう。
  • その他、国力に比して大規模な海軍を持つと威信ボーナスが入る。またイギリスには「産業革命の母」という名目で、研究力30%のボーナスがある。またオーストリアの研究機関はAvantgarde Intelligensiaに変更されている。


  • MODの情報交換を盛んにするためメジャーと思われるMOD3つについて個別ページを立ち上げました。自分も上記テキストの翻訳・加筆などしていきますが、協力していただけると有り難いです。 -- LUX? 2011-08-18 (木) 01:50:02
  • MOD紹介を見て興味を持ったので、40年ばかりしかプレイしていませんが、雑感的に特徴を書いてみました。間違いがありましたら、訂正お願いします。金欠本当に怖いです。 -- 2011-08-21 (日) 00:07:09


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