1.4 is now in public beta
Friday 13th - A small 1.4 Beta

  • Fixed a crash issue when playing sounds
  • fixed issue with some sounds playing multiple copies at the same time
  • Fixed some code in the event manager which could cause out of synchs.
  • Bonus effect from Clerks will now properly be capped at 20% clerks.
  • Outliner for rebel occupation now says faction name instead of just rebels.
  • AI now correctly identifies that it has rebel faction inside it before starting wars
  • Fixed a memory leak over time.
  • The occupation exploit has been fixed.

26th of September

  • Fixed message when called for arms by ally. Now it warns how much prestige we are going to loose if we decline.
  • Fixed alot of errors and problems with the german translation.
  • Fixed GBP symbol missing in German tooltip
  • Fixed Manzhouli province separated from rest of region
  • Fixed Zemio province (1969) should be part of Bangui region
  • Fixed Kufe province (1816) should be part of Niamey region
  • Fixed Peru should have cores on Ecuadorian Pastaza
  • Fixed Odense is not tagged as port province.
  • Fixed Russia should have a high level on influence in Persia on day 1
  • Fixed Cyprus culture issue
  • Fixed Invite to olympics event
  • Fixed Liquor Prohibition usually unavailable to the country that actually enacted it historically.
  • Fixed congo event chain
  • Fixed Few provinces that should be in different states
  • Fixed Databases: some cores missing in South America
  • Fixed Serbia should be an Ottoman satellite on day 1
  • Coffee and Tobacco plantations are now a fair bit less productive at the start.
  • Further reductions to luxury furniture profitability.
  • The AI will now disband old ships and replace them, even if its preparing for a new war.
  • AI will now always disband all completely obsolete ships immediately. ie, any remaining manowars gone completely the instant dreadnought discovered.
  • Armies will no longer join on the same side as enemies and steal their siege progress after defeating them in a battle.

9th of September

  • Pops will now properly pick political parties reforms as their issues.
  • Canada no longer accepts British culture
  • "Texan War of Independence", not "Texas"
  • Amphibious warfare training has the correct discovery bonus from techs
  • Fixed bug in piecharts in province view, when the population for certain pop type was very small, the percentage lost precision, and the piechart became corrupted
  • Added more info into the projects list (tooltips that describes the expected province, where the construction is going to take place)
  • Fixed bug in refreshing the projects in production view. Sometimes the list contained not valid anymore projects, that were refreshed only by going out and in to the production view again.
  • Fixed chat in multiplayer, that overlapped the gui when in "production","diplomacy","trade",etc...
  • Fixed "Paused by player X" message, that was removed from the game. I've also fixed it's alignment and visibility according to the active view (diplomacy,trade,etc...).
  • Fixed script error in rhodesia_charter
  • Fixed script error in 19027
  • can no longer be possible to exploit market by buying up huge stockpiles and selling to pops
  • fixed crash when renaming provinces
  • states now sorted by population size in population view (with colonies last)
  • province finder now support state names as well and sends you to state capital
  • fixed issue with factories exporting nothing not being reset when not selling
  • fixed issue with calculation of artisan export for tooltips
  • military score contribution from manpower capped by a factor of standing army size
  • Various text fixes
  • Event 37708 has correct name/desc
  • Fixed bug in unit construction cancelling. Disbanding unit, made impossible to delete military construction in the military view, via cancel button.
  • Fixed bug in creating a new country which could break down if created on colonial provinces only.
  • Fixed bug about precision loss of dominant issues in the pop view, that did not match the numbers from political view. F.ex. 16.89% of population wanted a reform X (in political view), but 17.12% wanted this reform due to pop view.
  • admin. efficiency now calculated properly without using tax modifiers. also added new define for base admin efficiency
  • fixed peace problem where many separate countries held parts of a target country but were not at war with eachother. Now the coutnry that controls capital or majority of provinces will be able to if the defender has no provinces left under control.
  • sieges now show who is trying to occupy in the province view and actually update the flags
  • added tooltip for occupier information to province view
  • wargoals now have a new trigger can_use that works like old valid trigger. valid trigger now is run during daily udpates to filter bad states. it will white peace wars that are no longer valid.
  • Fixed national focus selection, so it's possible to select new focus without having to remove it first.
  • A few bugs relating to broken peaceoffers after loading savegames is now fixed.
  • Fixed CRT error in corrupted savegame.
  • Fixed general GUI bug. If there was 2 or more windows on top of each other, hovering mouse over the button in one window also highlighted buttons in window beneath.
  • Fixed initial assignment of the workforce around the factories. It was unfair in some cases, when one factory gets tousands of craftsmen, but there was none pops left, for another factory. I did a post process that spreads them about equally.
  • tooltips now reflect the fact that capitalists can invest in projects outside their province
  • production view now shows actual correct number of investors for projects
  • fixed a memory leak
  • map mod support should now work properly with caches etc
  • leader pictures now moddable
  • event pictures moddable
  • tech pictures moddable
  • Labourers and Farmers are now more keen on becoming b'crats again if there is crime fighting.
  • colonial progress now carries over when forming new countries

25th of August

  • Added new entry to the outliner, about the provinces being occupied by rebels. (icon still TBD)
  • added console command "showprovinceid" will display province ID in the tooltip
  • Countries now buy things before the pops from the market. Be aware, you can piss of your pops mightily.
  • fascists/commies/anarcho-liberals will no longer setup absolute_monarchy when voting is repealed
  • All pops should be able to support gerrymandering correctly
  • clergy are less likely to promote to bureaucrats when admin spending is low
  • tweaked clergy to officer promotion logic
  • When a province discovers gold it will have the gold rush effect for 2 years
  • Fixed pop promotion to clergymen modifiers about their consiousness level. Maxed out con gave too high penalty making it impossible to get completely ANY more clergyments, even with national focus on.
  • Fixed an issue with farmers and labourers not checking crime spending when promoting to bureaucrat.
  • Any_greater_power effect now affects all great powers, not just the first.
  • Fixed bug - countries in sphere of influence did not show up as top producers.
  • Fixed bug in "BuildUnitView", when selecting different provinces that has the same amount of units under construction, and clicking "BuildArmy" button.
  • Fixed tooltip so it doesn't show the troops bonus, for provinces under colonization.
  • Fixed issue with invalid required goods shown, to build the infantry, in the military view (in the tooltip).
  • Construction should no longer be stuck forever with spending slightly above 0 and automated trade.
  • Added tooltip message for the mil/con change estimation, that was missing if the pop is living in the province that is under rebel control.
  • Fixed some typo bugs in pop modifiers, causing incorrect bonuses regarding their literacy.
  • Fixed description for population growth modifier, so it's consistent to the value shown in social reforms.
  • annals_of_the_fulani_jihad now requires 4% literacy  
  • rebels of extream ideologies should not appear before the ideology is enabled
  • Province modifier for mining/farming size penalty now properly affects the RGO.
  • Pan-Nationalist rebels can no longer force country-swaps.
  • Money can now go below 0 from events and decisions.
  • state_scope now clears province scope properly enabling triggers to check entire states and not just a province.
  • AI for GP's will now focus more on market functionality techs.
  • tweaked trigger on Pan-Nationalist unification so AUS/KUK will not join when HUN is not free
  • Austria's dual monarchy can only be enacted once
  • Pops no longer have an insane love for democracies when emigrating.
  • Low literate states will not see farmers or labourers becoming craftsmen unless they have unemployment.
  • Beuruecrats will demote quicker to farmer and labourers if no current spending.
  • Increased liquour output a little bit further.
  • Reduced base profitability of luxury furniture a tad bit.
  • China no longer accepts beifaren culture
  • Satellites shall now be known as puppets
     衛星国は属国として扱われるようになった。(release puppet できるってこと?)
  • The world now produces more sulphur
  • Authoritarianism invention can be discovered by absolute monarchies with conservative ruling parties too
  • Turkish capital can move to Ankara if the neighbouring balkan provinces are taken

27th of June

  • Pop files can now be loaded properly in mod-dir without destroying references to them elsewhere.
  • Admit Hegemony now only takes countries in the targets sphere, and nobody else spheres.
     Admit Hegemonyは、対象国の勢力圏を取り除くことになった。他の勢力圏を取る事なく。
  • Provincesize should no longer increase by resigning and reloading.
  • Sphere members now will see their entire sphere in the "sphere" filter in diplomacy view.
  • The game now supports multiple bookmarks.
  • Liquor distilleries and artisans now produce a little bit more liquor.
  • Pops will not moved to colonies if they can get alot of luxury goods.
  • Prohibition can only be enacted once now.
  • Manowar now has a higher supply need of artillery.
  • Cavalry move and select sound effects is now used.
  • Bhutan, Ladakh, Mongolia & Tibet are now Gelugpa.
  • Lots of provinces are now prorpley tagged as colonial.
  • Jan Mayen is now a norwegian core.
     Jan Mayenステートは、ノルウェーのコアになった。
  • Springtime of Nations modifier now have a proper icon.
  • Mecklenburgs second socialist party now have the correct start date.
  • Sunda Strait works correctly now.
  • Fixed quite a few minor errors in datafiles.
  • Added prussian_constitutionalism as valid government type for crown_empress_of_india
  • Egypt not allowed to initiate egyptological_excavations itself
  • Fixed Congo badboy threshold on annex_the_congo
  • Excluded Schleswig provinces from South German Federation formation requirements
  • Added prussian_constitutionalism as valid government type for establish_la_guardia_civil
  • Removed check for carlism prevails flag (which is never set) from establish_la_guardia_civil
     「check for carlism prevails flag」(使われることがない)の確認を消去した。
  • Israel's capital is now Jerusalem.
  • Iquique and Arica are now cores of Chile.
  • Fixed a few problems in event files which created unintended things.

適当に意訳 by 適当に意訳する人

20th of May

  • Farmers, Labourers and Craftsmen is far less likely to become soldiers in colonies.
  • Congo, Hawaii & Ionian Islands can no longer be annexed by decision if they are played by a human player.
  • Pops will no longer demote to types with even worse unemployment than them in a province.
  • Small Arms, Lumber & Liqour factories are now slightly more productive.
  • Added a local_ruling_party_support modifier.
  • Spoilsystem now only affects the actual province and not the entire country.
  • Badboy now affects consciousness properly.
  • Being liberated gets about 75% of workers immediately back into production in an RGO.
  • Industrial score is now based on profitability and people working in it.
  • Rebalanced artisan profitability on production.

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