*ヴィクトリアII ゲームマニュアル、エドウィン・ハンクス著 (Victoria II Game Manual By Edwin Hanks) [#o995ad94]


Why name a game . or nearly a century of history . after one person? hat justifies the term, “The Victorian Age?”


The wars of Napoleon Bonaparte had ended in 1815, and while Revolutionary and Imperial France had changed the face of Europe and consumed the imagination of the world until then, it was victorious Great Britain that soon took over the spotlight on the world stage. This was the world Princess Victoria was born into, in 1819.Throughout the remainder of the 19th Century and into the 20th, Great Britain remained the foremost power of the world. To a greater or lesser degree, she held sway over much of colonial Africa, parts of the Middle East, much of Asia, Canada, Australia, hundreds of isolated properties and islands around the world, which the prolific Royal Navy used as bases, and on top of all that, Britain controlled the riches of the enormous Indian subcontinent.As was often said, “the sun never set upon her empire”. the British Empire spanned the globe, and the whole of it was never entirely in darkness at any hour of the day.


Queen Victoria . or The Empress, as she was often called , ruled this expansive realm for 63 years, beginning when she was only 18 years of age. She was noted for her good sense and relative compassion, and also for her propriety and romantic innocence.Victoria also stood for the cosmopolitan nature of the age, and the interrelationships between the various royal families of Europe. She was ethnically German, often spoke German at home, married a German, and her daughter herself later became the Kaiserin of mighty Imperial Germany. At her death in 1901, most of the continent’s rulers were her cousins, nephews, nieces or even grandchildren, including grandson Wilhelm II, who led Germany through World War I.



It’s true, more than half of the world’s population during this period of time lived outside of the British Empire. But this figure virtually emphasizes the fact that almost half the world’s population did, in fact, live in some area of the world which was ruled from Victoria’s London! And of the remainder, hundreds of millions more were touched in some way by the sailing ships flying the Union Jack , either the cargo vessels which carried British goods to foreign ports, or the towering warships, which offered protection to some, and death to others.This was Victoria’s mark upon the world. During most of the 19th Century, the British Pound Sterling was the “gold standard” of world currencies, the British Royal Navy was the primary authority on the high seas, and the example being set in the British Home Isles, with her sprawling railroads and her smoking factories, would give rise to the other name for this period of history. The Industrial Age.


'''The coronation of the 18 year-old monarch who would rule for 63 years.'''

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