When you select a province and it highlights all the other provinces with the same RGO good.

Population density


This shows how populated provinces are within each nation. Note that all nations are only comparing internal population, so a green state in China or India might still have a lot of pops.



Shows the culture of pops in provinces. They are striped to show if a sizeable minority is present (over 30% of the total).

Spheres of influence


This Mapmode has two functions. If you select a country it will show the SoI of that country, the master being Green, SoI pets are yellow and Blue are influenced but not in the SoI. Blue or yellow nations are striped red if another nation is influencing them. If you don’t select any nation it shows all Great Power’s SoIs by colouring them with the Sphere-master’s colour.

Supply limit


This mapmode shows supply limits. It also has two functions. With no army selected it shows general supply limits for your troops in the world, green being the best and red the worst. If you select an army it shows supply limits relative to that army, green are provinces where it would be fine, yellow are marginal, and red are ones where it would take attrition.

Party loyalty


This mapmode shows each province’s party loyalty.



Coloured by National ranking this mapmode shows GPs in green, Secondary Powers in blue, Civilised nations in yellow, and Uncivilised in red.



Shows Monthly Migration totals. Red means people are leaving, green means people are arriving. If you select a province with high migration levels you will get arrows showing you where people are moving to/from.

Civilisation level


Green nations are Civilised, while totally Uncivilised nations are black and shade through yellow to green as they advance towards westernisation.



By default this mapmode colours countries by how they feel about you, but if you click on another nation it changes to show their relations instead.

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